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Welcome to ATV Club Flags, we are also and Lone Rock Trophy designing ATV licenses plates, trophies, awards and plaques for over 15 years. We want to provide you with a product you'll love and be proud to promote your Club and have fun at the same time!

Chosing Nylon or Polyester

Our Flags are made of polyester

Look and Feel

Nylon flags
are lightweight. Its texture is slightly rough, and somewhere between fabric and plastic. On the other hand, polyester flags has a completely matte surface. It looks and feels like cotton, rougher and heavier than nylon flags.

Frequency of use

When choosing between a nylon flag and a polyester flag, it is important to consider whether the flag will be outside 24 hours a day, from sunrise to sunset or just for occasonal trail use
. In general, polyester is a better and more durable choice for more frequently used flags.


Nylon is lighter than polyester, and therefore flies more easily. It is a better choice for sitting still
. However, if you enjoy riding or in a place with high winds and wet weather, polyester is a better choice.

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